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Litter Box Maintenance Service

Why litter box maintenance service?



This service is perfect for anyone who enjoys the companionship of their cat but has difficulty maintaining the litter box.


If you have difficulty bending or lifting, are pregnant, undergoing chemotherapy, take immune suppressing medication, have a weak immune system or do not want the responsibility and hassle of cleaning the box, our litter box maintenance service is the answer for you.


We will come to your home on a schedule that you choose and take care of the dreaded task of litter box cleaning.


We charge a flat fee regardless of the number of cats and up to four litter boxes.


There is a small additional charge for a complete litter box change.

Each maintenance visit includes:



Cleaning of litter box, wiping down the outside of the box and cleaning the surrounding area.
Adding additional litter if necessary.
Disposal of waste into waste receptacle.



Visit Frequency Cost Per Visit Litter Boxes
Once Weekly $14 Up to 4
Twice Weekly $12 Up to 4
Tri-Weekly $11 Up to 4
5 Days Per Week $50 per week Up to 4
Monthly Cleaning $26 Up to 4



Extra Litter Box Charge   $4 per box

Complete Litter Box Cleaning and refilling the box using your litter.

$8 per box includes washing, disinfecting


We will gladly pick-up litter and other pet supplies for the price of the items plus a small fee.  Ask for details.

For more information about our litter box maintenance service or our pet sitting services, please call (248) 705-5258, email us at

Call us today! 248-705-5258
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